I was born on the 3th October 1979, in a city in the province of Huelva, Spain. I´ve always been attracted to the world of the arts and the communication, for that reason i decided to study Media Sciences in Málaga, where i graduated in Advertising and Public Relations, in 2002.

Later, i decided to improve my academic knowledge, for this reason i went to study cartoon animation in Madrid. There i knew some cartoonists of such a standing as Fernando Moro and Julio Mayo, which taught me how to give soul to my drawings.

During this learning stage, i started working as a freelance illustrator and animator for several advertising agencies from Andalucía. I created flash animations for institutional advertising, advertising posters and illustrations.

These studies and initial professional experience in the advertising world opened doors to the graphic and design agencies. I joint "Davinchi, design and new technologies" and "NM formation" s graphic designer. Both companies gave me the opportunity to work for prestigious trademarkes as Danone, Fnac, Carrefour,...

Since February 2005, i work as animation and web design teacher in the College of Professional Drawings (ESDIP), in Madrid. School where i studied cartoon animation.

Currently i combine my work as drawing school teacher with the professional freelance activity. I have worked for companies as Santillana, Iberia, Scifi TV and with advertising agencies. It´s very important to highlight the period in which i was working for Bassat&Oglivy. This experience made me to get twice, one of the most prestigious international prizes in the advertising world: "golden sun" and "silver sun" in the festival "El sol: Festival Iberoamericano de la Comunicación Publicitaria".

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